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In the Walkyverse, an abductee is one of several hundred select individuals repeatedly abducted from childhood on by the Head Alien and his henchmen in preparation for the "Year Zero" plan. As a result of the experimentation performed on them, they usually end up with what would normally be considered superpowers.

They also seem to have usually ended up with a lot of angst.

At least, that's what they wanted you to think. As it turns out, the abduction of children was a joint program between former government agent Linda Walkerton and the Head Alien to create an army of super-soldiers that would fight off the impending Martian invasion.

The abductees were later gathered and employed by SEMME, a government-funded agency created by the shadowy JFO. The original story isn't entirely false - Head Alien did betray Linda and tried to use the abductees for his own purposes, but his Year Zero plot was ultimately thwarted by the two abductees he purposely did not turn into drones: Sal Walkerton and her brother, Walky.

Initially, abductions focused on grafting Martian DNA into the kids to give them enhanced strength and durability, but as the subjects got older, Head Alien allowed them to start picking additional powers. The exceptions to this were Sal and Walky, who inherited their mother's Martian DNA and were abducted primarily for psychological monitoring.

List of Known Abductee Powers

  • Affinity with alien technology (all)
  • Super strength (Walky, Tony, common)
  • Durability (Sal, Beef, common)
  • Super speed (Robin)
  • Mechanical aptitude (Joe)
  • Spinning really fast (Jim)
  • Supercalculation (Joyce - used to help operate her jetpack)
  • Telekinesis (Rare, but not unheard of)
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