Agatha Larsen is a minor character in the Walkyverse, having appeared in It's Walky! and Shortpacked!. She also plays a minor role in Dumbing of Age.


Agatha Larsen
First Appearance: It's Walky! 17 April 2003
Affiliations: SEMME, McAwesome's
Squadron: 82 (Commander?)

Agatha is a member of Squadron 82. She's friendly, open, and seems to like to tell stories.


Agatha was among the victims of Head Alien's Year Zero plot. Some time later, she appeared as Dina was wandering SEMME HQ alone, friendless, and dejected. With the entire rest of her squad having been wounded the previous week, Agatha was also lonely and willing to make a new friend - until Joe showed up, offering to massage that loneliness away.

After a badly-mangled Mike Warner was transferred to Squad 82 in exchange for Robin DeSanto, Agatha extended him a friendly welcome to their "ring of magical friendship".

Joe once asked Agatha and Rachel about why Robin disliked him so much, and she prepared to tell him the whole sordid tale, the twists and turns of which would shock and amaze him, but got interrupted by Rachel's condensed version of events. Usually a background character in SEMME scenes, Agatha was briefly seen in action during the Martian Invasion.

After SEMME was shut down, Agatha became an employee at McAwesome's Parasailing and Chocolate Bakery. Like all McAwesome's employees, she is a counterpart of a Shortpacked! employee - in her case, Robin.

Like many former SEMME members, she later attended Amber and Mike's wedding, where she bonded with Ultra Car.


Dumbing of Age

Agatha Larsen
Agatha doa2
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age September 28, 2010

Agatha is one of the undergrads living in the Clark Wing of Read Hall. She is a relatively regular incidental dialog provider, background character, floor meeting attendee and Mormon.

In recent weeks, she's become a bit of an Amazi-Girl fan.

Trivia Edit

  • At present, Agatha's room-mate's identity is unknown. However, said room-mate has been described by Sarah as a "Notorious Bitchwad". (If Guns was to be a character in the strip, it would've been her.)


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