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Amazi-Girl is Amber O'Malley's superhero alias in the Walkyverse and Dumbing of Age continuities. Her major superpower? Immunity to criticism.


First Appearance: Shortpacked! 25 May 2007

Amber originally created her Amazi-Girl outfit for Shortpacked!'s Halloween event, but donned the costume on the spur of the moment to foil a customer who was stealing Pokemon cards. This action earned her a reprimand from Galasso, who warned her not to confront suspected thieves in future.

A highly improvised version of the Amazi-Girl costume made an appearance when Amber joined her boyfriend Mike Warner in battling the Giant Mutant Frosted Honey Bun in New York. Amber subsequently revised her costume, wearing it in a failed bid to rescue Jacob from Roz DeSanto's sexual predations.

After Amber became pregnant with Donna, Lucy briefly adopted the Amazi-Girl identity at Robin's behest, although she ultimately wasn't comfortable with the spike in aggression levels her new alter-ego created.


  • Amazi-Girl's costume is initially light blue with a yellow domino mask, though this color scheme is reversed when Amber recreates the outfit. Amazi-Girl's most recent appearances use the original costume.

Dumbing of Age[]

Amazi-girl doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 20 October 2010

Amber created her Amazi-Girl identity as an outlet for the anger and other issues she'd developed as a result of her abusive upbringing at the hands of her father, Blaine O'Malley. As Amazi-Girl, she patrols the IU campus on a nightly basis, going after bullies, vandals, and students flouting the dry campus rule.

As the legend of the "campus vigilante" grew, others started taking notice. Both Billie and Dorothy Keener began pursuing Amazi-Girl in the hopes of landing a major scoop for the Indiana Daily Student, though Billie quickly became convinced that AG was actually her roommate, Sal Walkerton. Amber also struck up a romance with Danny Wilcox in her Amazi-Girl identity after rescuing him from being assaulted, and later donned the costume again to save him from Blaine. 

Thanks to a mis-placed shoe, Dorothy accidentally discovered Amber's secret identity shortly thereafter. Confident that Dorothy would out her, Amber went on a last-ditch mission to take down Sal before her alter ego could be made public in the Indiana Daily Student. However, Dorothy chose not to act on her discovery, leaving Amazi-Girl free to once again pursue such fiendish villains as the Whiteboard Dingdong Bandit.


  • The Dumbiverse Amazi-Girl uses the same color scheme as Amber's improvised costume from the Honey Bun battle.
  • Despite AG's obvious physical resemblance to Amber, only a small handful of people have made the connection, most notably Dina and Mandy.
  • After she started "dating" Danny, Amber made a few additional attempts to disguise her identity as Amazi-Girl, including changing her hairstyle and adopting a special "Amazi-Girl voice".
  • Said voice apparently sounds like Annie Edison from Community doing a Christian Bale-era Batman impersonation.
  • Her costume opens up in back, which creates some issues from time to time.