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"Anti-Joyce" Brown
First Appearance: It's Walky! March 7, 2001
Affiliations: SEMME
Squadron: 128

In the beginning, there was a kind, sweet and repressive girl. Then she was hit by the Dup-O-Matic, and Anti-Joyce was born.


After Joyce was hit by the Dup-O-Matic, the real Joyce was sucked out of the Steel Duck along with the aliens. Not realising this, SEMME returned to base, taking the duplicate Joyce along.

Unlike Joyce, the "Anti-Joyce" remembered the things Joyce had forgotten due to her self-inflicted mindwipe, as well as her repressed sex drive. Thus it quickly became clear something was wrong with Joyce when she tried to seduce Walky. Failing that, she proceeded to seduce Jason and Mike in short order.

In the meantime, Head Alien discovered what had happened, and found the real Joyce lying on a beach and taunted her. She rushed back to SEMME to find Anti-Joyce in her bed with Mike, causing her to freak out, and then almost shut down as her double taunted her, then finally fought with her.

In the end, however, Anti-Joyce taunted Joyce that she was there now and not going away ever. Joyce proceeded to take Jason's gun and shot her through the head. She then slept for 18 hours, before trying to mindwipe herself again, but this time was stopped by Walky.

Anti-Joyce in Joyce's head[]

While the physical Anti-Joyce was killed, the original copy of her remained in Joyce's head, and once popped up to taunt her.

Joyce later let her inherent Anti-Joyce side out in a desperate attempt to court Joe. While he turned her down, this led to her integrating her Anti-Joyce side with her repressive personality into a much more stable and balanced individual, partially as a result of Walky's infamous "It's the rain" speech.

Both Anti-Joyce and Repressive-Joyce were appalled at Joyce's having sex with Walky for the first time, Repressive-Joyce because of the "PRE-MARITAL HANKY-PANKY!" and Anti-Joyce because it was "all dumb and romantic." Joyce-Neutral proceeded to tell them both to "pipe down."