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The Axis of Something was an organization of would-be supervillains formed by disgruntled Shortpacked! employee Sydney Yus.

The Axis had but one goal: to destroy the Shortpacked! store by any means necessary.

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The Axis first attempted to shut down Shortpacked! by planting a lead box labeled "Tickle Me Elmo" in the store, then alerting the police. Amber O'Malley was unimpressed until Sydney explained that "lead is scarier to parents than the economy and terrorism combined." Not that it mattered, since Spider-Car eventually swooped in to save the day.

The Axis later kidnapped Robin DeSanto's girlfriend, Leslie Bean, in an effort to prevent Robin from seeking reelection to Congress. Robin proceeded to wipe the floor with them.

After discovering the incredible charisma-boosting powers of Fuckface, Sydney called on the members of the Axis to help her seize this "artifact of incredible power". However, this scheme was ultimately too stupid even for their tastes, so Sydney put together an all-new group of co-conspirators. In this new group of would-be supervillains, Evan proved a powerful combatant, easily defeating both Ultra Car and Ninja Rick. However, Sydney hadn't counted on Robin DeSanto's surreptitious texting of Thad, whose reappearance managed to take Evan out of the battle.

That practically ended the Axis' battle, despite the fact that Sidney had actually claimed Fuckface for most of the fight.

Original Recipe Axis (2008 - 2013)[]

Axis 2.0 (2014 Onwards)[]