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Beef does his nickname full honors. A walking side of meat with a fondness for '80s-style muscle shirts and sunglasses, he communicates only in grunts.


Steven Walkerton


First Appearance: Roomies! 16 April 1999
YOB: 1980
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 260 lbs
Squadron(s): 128, 135
Abductee powers: Strength, durability
Relatives: Martha Walters (mother), John Walters (father), David Walkerton (adopted brother), Linda Walkerton (adoptive mother), Charles Walkerton (adoptive father), Sal Walkerton (belatedly adoptive sister)
Status: Deceased

Steven "Beef" Walkerton was introduced as Walky's twin brother, and is one of the strongest of SEMME's Abductees.


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Beef and Sal Walkerton were switched as babies as an effort to distract Head Alien from the true power of the Walkerton children. Sal was given to Beef's birth parents, John and Martha, while Beef was raised by the Walkertons.

Beef was first seen in Roomies!, fighting alongside Sal Walkerton and Squadron 128 in their effort to recover the Power Booster Rod from the Aliens. He was later reassigned to Squadron 135 under the command of Daisy Conrad.

Despite his seemingly brainless appearance, Beef was one of the few people aware of SEMME's true nature and origins. During his time with the agency, he actively conspired against SEMME and his fellow agents by covertly aiding the JFO - first by spying on SEMME's activities, then later by helping to brainwash the rest of his squad into becoming JFO sleeper agents during a reconnaissance mission to London.

He joined Penny and the JFO on their final assault on SEMME's HQ, revealing his true loyalties by murdering Professor Doc, SEMME's chief scientist, in cold blood, then crushing Guns after she attempted to bring him down with a bullet loaded with brainwashing antidote. Beef was subsequently killed by Daisy after she broke free from her JFO-induced conditioning and shot him in the head, continuing to fire until her gun ran finally out of ammo.


  • During the entire run of Roomies! and It's Walky!, Beef appeared 103 times - and never once spoke a word.
  • Billie was a friend of his growing up, and may have named her firstborn son after him.
  • In an alternate universe, Billie and Beef even ended up having a child together.

Dumbing of Age[]

Beef Walters
Beef doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 19 October 2010

Beef is an Indiana University student, first seen menacing Danny Wilcox with two of his "bros" before Amazi-Girl chases him off.

He later shows up as a guest at Ron's off-campus party.


  • Given his harrassment of freshmen, Beef is probably a sophomore or junior.
  • According to Roz DeSanto, his name really is "Beef".
  • In the Dumbiverse, his parents are the Walters—his birth parents and the couple that adopted Sal in the Walkyverse.