First Appearance: It's Walky! 4 February 2001
Squadron(s): 135

Bloodrose is a minor (practically invisible) character in It's Walky. The fifth member of Daisy Conrad's Squadron 135, she was never fully seen in the comic as a result of what David Willis describes as an "ill-executed running gag."

At this point, it's highly unlikely she will ever resurface in either continuity.


  • Apparently is a bit of a goth.
  • Accordingly to Daisy, she doesn't really like sunlight.
  • Though readers never see Bloodrose as more than a silhouette or stray body part, David Willis actually did have a full design for her, as seen on his tumblr.
  • Before her real name was revealed, fans called her "Ms. Afraid of Sunlight" and "135.5".
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