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Bobby Walkerton


First Appearance: It's Walky!: $100 Theatre 12 February 2005
Relatives: Joyce Brown (mother), David Walkerton (father), Sal Walkerton (aunt), D.J. Wilcox (cousin), Danny Wilcox (uncle), Jocelyne Brown (aunt), Jonathan Brown (uncle), Jordan Brown (uncle), Justin Brown (uncle), Jared Brown (uncle)

Bobby Walkerton is the son of Joyce Brown and David Walkerton in the Walkyverse. His alternate future incarnation goes by the nickname Machete, largely because "Machete" is a super hardcore manly name.


Together with his parents, Bobby attended the wedding of Mike Warner and Amber O'Malley, which was held in the Shortpacked! store. He seemed largely bewildered at the time.

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In one alternate future, a 20-something version of Bobby fell into a time portal during a failed attempt to warp a group of super-powered humans into a Martian Mothership. He ultimately ended up in the "prime" Walkyverse, where he joined Jason Chesterfield's squad of ex-SEMME agents in their efforts to chase down Monkey Master after the end of the first Martian conflict. He helped Jason and his aunt, Sal Walkerton, defeat the Electric Man and Monkey Master before being captured by Head Alien II.

Head Alien II kept Bobby imprisoned for several years, writing him in and out of existence by killing his parents in various dimensions. Finally, Bobby's cousin D.J. Wilcox and an army of Future Kids arrived in the Walkyverse to rescue him. However, the rescue failed, and Head Alien II wound up with an army of brainwashed, super-powered college kids at his disposal. It wasn't until his parents showed up that Bobby was finally able to escape.

After disappearing for some time, Bobby returned shortly after Head Alien II - now in Dorothy Keener's body - attacked Joyce and Walky's wedding ceremony. He was able to restrain Head Alien II, and using his newly revealed abductee powers - a synthesis of Joyce's super-calculation ability and Walky's mindwipe resilience - he was able to simply edit Head Alien II out of Dorothy's memories. He later helped Joe return the Future Kids to their various realities.


  • Bobby inherited his parents' enhanced strength and durability, and was powerful enough to lift Monkey Master bare-handed.
  • Has his mother's eyes. Isn't that nice?
  • He seems to have the hots for Dorothy.
  • Calls himself "Machete" because of his mind power, as well as the fact that it sounds way hardcore.
  • The name Bobby first comes up as one of Joyce's suggested names for a hypothetical child of her and Danny Wilcox in a Roomies! strip. This strip refers to several cast and crew members from the Beast Wars: Transformers cartoon, so Bobby is named after Beast Wars co-story editor Bob Forward.