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Booster Sanchez is a major character in Dumbing of Age.

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Dumbing of Age[]

Booster Sanchez
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 24 September 2020
Hometown: Westville, Indiana
Major: Psychology
Roommate: David Walkerton
Likes: Photography
Relatives: Unnamed twin sister

Booster is Walky’s new roommate! We don’t know much about them yet. They just showed up literally today.


After their previous roommate refused to refer to them by their chosen name, Booster was moved to Walky's room in the wake of Mike's death.

This Bright Millenium

Booster arrived in their new dorm on the first day of Spring Semester, introducing themselves to Walky and Lucy and quickly diffusing Walky's blurted self-protective reference to his previous roommate's death.

Walky then porceeded to give Booster a tour of the floor, briefly introducing them to the people in their wing, including Danny and Joe, before moving to the girls' wing. Walky was able to introduce them to Ruth, Carla, Meredith, Mary, Joyce, and Sarah, correctly speculating themselves that they would be relegated to another "learning experience" for Joyce.

After Walky introduces them to Joyce and corrects her when she misgenders them, she whisks Booster away to provide her own tour of the wing in order to make up for her blunder before they can fully process what's happening. They're introduced to Sal and Malaya first, joining the roster of characters intrigued by Sal's coolness and commenting on their own twin to Walky. They react in a bemused, but unsurprised manner to Joyce accidentally misgendering them again when introducing them to Malaya, who informs them that she's non-binary as well.

Joyce then introduces them to Dina and Amber. Booster takes interest in Amber's fanfiction after Joyce comments that it's "filthy," but is quickly dragged away by Walky after Amber learns they're Walky's new roommate and, as she sees them, "Mike's replacement." They remark in the hall that Amber's clearly had a bad year and takes note of Walky's comment that she made "extra herselves to deal with her stuff," asking if she's plural and getting a quick response that it's not offical, but the therapists in the area aren't very good.

Upon their introduction to Dorothy and Becky, Booster notes that Dorothy is the first person to actually ask about them. After a quick interjection from Becky and learning about her and Joyce's cultish upbringing, they finally gave a quick synopsis of themselves, asking Becky if she offers course credit when she remarks about listening to everyone's issues being job preparation (she sadly does not offer it.)


  • Booster is the first major character to be confirmed as non-binary.
  • Fans note they bear a striking resemblence to Amber's ideal Batman from Shortpacked!
  • Their name may be a reference to the Power Booster Rod from Roomies!