Bryan is a minor character in It's Walky! and Dumbing of Age.


First Appearance: It's Walky! 27 February 2000
Squadron: 135

Bryan was a member of Daisy's Squadron 135, which includes Walky's adoptive twin brother Beef. He first appeared as part of the crowd of mind-controlled SEMME agents during the Year Zero incident.

Squad 135 later joined other agents in defending SEMME HQ from Monkey Master's attack. Jason Chesterfield subsequently encountered them in Colorado while pursuing Sal Walkerton, though Sal made short work of them in the ensuing battle.

Bryan and the rest of his squad were subsequently brainwashed by the JFO with Beef's help. When the JFO, led by Penny Worthington, attacked SEMME for the last time, Squad 135 were "triggered" to attack their fellow agents.

Bryan was later seen with the other "Britja manipulated and shellshocked."


  • His name is sometimes spelled "Brian", though "Bryan" seems to be the official/preferred spelling.
  • An untagged character with a strong resemblance to Bryan later popped up at Coffeeright Theft in Shortpacked!

Dumbing of AgeEdit

Brian doa
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 9 May 2012

Bryan is an undergrad at IU, living in the Beck Wing of Read Hall. He mostly exists to populate strip backgrounds. Seems to be friends with Jim.

He organized the Meet-and-Greet for "Questioning" Individuals featured in the "Walking with Dina" storyline.