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Carl is an Indiana University student and a minor character in Roomies! and Dumbing of Age.


Carl Ramirez
First Appearance: Roomies! 27 October 1997

Carl Ramirez was a student at Indiana University, and friends with Sarah Clinton and Dana Swensson. He was first introduced when Carl and Dana came over to Joyce and Sarah's dorm for a movie night. He brought The Rock to watch. He later embarrassed Joyce by the mere saying of the word "sex"

He subsequently appeared (presumably out-of-canon) in the "Roomies! Lounge" with Joe and Sarah, when Joe mimicked the art styles of several other comic strips that were currently running on the same page as Roomies! in the IU campus newspaper.

Dumbing of Age[]

Carl doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 15 August 2012

Carl is an IU undergrad student and Dana's boyfriend. Like most of Dana's friends, he was oblivious to her increasingly unhealthy behavior after the death of her mother, and advised Sarah Clinton to back off. However, Dana broke up with Carl soon afterwards. 

He hasn't been seen since Dana was pulled out of university by her father, although it's probably not too much of a stretch to imagine that he's not the biggest fan of Sarah these days.