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This page is about Carla, the transgender, asexual sophomore. You may be looking for Ultra Car, who is her Walkyverse counterpart

Carla Rutten
First Appearance: May 13 2014 [1]
DOB: March 28th[2]
Major: Computer Science (and maybe also engineering) [3]
Likes: Roller skating, Ultra Car, beer, people knowing she exists, rudeness

Carla Rutten is a character from Dumbing of Age.

Carla wants people to know she exists, and she might have to tie a few shoelaces together or penny a door shut to force that moment of acknowledgement. If you don’t hate her, it’s because she hasn’t been trying hard enough. Her only known soft spot is for an obscure cartoon character from her childhood after whom she seems to have styled herself. This might be why she's usually on roller skates, even in the hallways, or it might be because it annoys you. Or both.


A returning IU student, Carla lives in the Clark Wing of Read Hall. Her parents own the large company "Rutten Technologies", abbreviated to Ruttech, meaning she is super super rich [Citation needed]. Despite her somewhat gleefully abrasive personality, Sal and Marcie have fallen in with her - largely because Carla's fake ID is more convincing than anybody else's. While she has a reputation for being a jerk, she embraces, and even encourages it.


  • Carla occupies the single room next to Ruth's. [4]
  • Like her Walkyverse counterpart, Carla is Transgender.[5]
  • She has been known to smoke weed.[6][7]
  • If the last three letters are removed from her name, it becomes an anagram of 'Ultra Car'.
  • Her birthday was suggested by Bedmint, and is the same day Ultra Car transitioned to a humanoid body in Shortpacked!.[2]
  • Fond of whistling the 1812 overture. [8][9][10]
  • In a bonus character model for Patreon, it was revealed that Carla is naturally blonde. She dyes her hair the same color as her favorite cartoon character.
  • Carla is Jewish. [11]