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Carly Spencer
First Appearance: Roomies! October 19, 1998

Carly is a minor character in Roomies!. An Indiana University student, she roomed with Ruth, Billie, and Ron.


Carly, Ron, and Ruth all appeared to have graduated from high school together. She helped keep Ruth sane during her parents' divorce.

Danny Wilcox first met Carly and her other roommates when Ruth invited him to hang out at their house. Beer was promptly served. 

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She was present at several other parties at their house, including the one where Ruth divulged her past with Ryan to Danny. She also drank with Danny the night that Ruth died.

When Billie decided to move out, Carly wasn't overly concerned. A few months of having to deal with Ron, however, and Carly was openly begging her to come back. Billie, however, was perfectly content with the sketchy dorm-squatting arrangement she'd worked out with Danny.


  • The morning after Ruth's death, Billie is seen looking at a photo that shows Ruth, Carly, and Ron in graduation attire.
  • Her last name, Spencer, wasn't revealed until BringBackRoomies.com. 
  • Her name seems to be a nod to the classic Transformers character Carly Witwicky... especially since her full name matches the one of Carly's equivalent in the Michael Bay films.