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D.J. Wilcox
First Appearance: Joyce and Walky! 19 April 2007 (subscriber-only strip)
Relatives: Danny Wilcox (father), Sal Walkerton (mother). David Walkerton (uncle), Joyce Brown (aunt), Bobby Walkerton (cousin)

D.J. Wilcox is a character from Joyce and Walky!, Danny and Sal's son from an alternate universe where Danny never married Billie.


In this particular reality, Sal died in a plane crash when D.J. was just ten; over time, D.J. became obsessed with this moment, believing he could have saved his mother if he had another chance.

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That opportunity came when D.J.'s cousin, Machete, fell into a time portal after the second Martian invasion reached Earth. D.J. was subsequently sent to retrieve Machete, only to find himself in the "prime" Walkyverse. After failing to rescue his cousin from Head Alien II's clutches, D.J. attempted to warn his alterna-father of the impending danger. However, Danny was wrapped up in the birth of his own daughter and wasn't much help.

A little while later, he convinced Sal to propose to Jason Chesterfield, which also failed miserably. Any further plans were cut short by the arrival of Head Alien II, who death-rayed Sal and then had Monkey Master stomp D.J. into a pulp. His last act was to serve as organ donor for his alterna-mother, allowing her to narrowly recover from the death ray's effects.