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First Appearance: It's Walky! 15 April 2000
Height: 3'
YOB: 2000
Owner: Joyce Brown

Daniel is Joyce Brown's pet Dalmatian in the Walkyverse. Much to Sal's horror, he was named after Joyce's former crush - and Sal's former boyfriend - Danny Wilcox, a fact which the still-mindwiped Joyce herself didn't realize.


Daniel began as a puppy, but grew quickly relative to the other characters, as dogs oft do. He seems to be a typical Dalmatian - playful, easygoing and slightly dim.

Shortly before the Martian invasion, Daniel was put in a box and taken to that warehouse from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark along with the Power Booster Rod and other objects taken from SEMME during its shutdown. Walky-as-The Cheese retrieved him when he went to get the Rod.

Walky later gave Daniel to his father to keep him company while Linda Walkerton served out her sentence.


  • Joyce's second dog, after Walkies.
  • The only member of Squadron 128 that's liked by everyone... sort of.
  • Joyce's ultraconservative personality wanted him neutered when she was still terrified of sex.