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David Myers
First Appearance: It's Walky! 22 December 2000

David Myers was the mild-mannered boyfriend of Linda Mitchell during the late 1970s in It's Walky!. Average, straight-edged and unbelievably dull, he was the perfect balance to her hectic lifestyle as a secret agent.

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When he was supposedly killed by the Martians, Linda flew into a blind rage which resulted in the Martian Genocide. She later named her son, David Walkerton, after him.


In truth, David was actually killed by Dargon Chesterfield in order to lure Linda into a trap. She took his body to the Martian Embassy, where he was placed into a resurrection chamber. However, in a struggle between Linda and the JFO, the chamber was damaged and malfunctioned. As a result, David's soul was sent back in time thousands of years, into the machine known as The Wanderer.

In his new form, David vowed to change time so that he and Linda lived happily ever after. However, over time, he began to lose sight of this goal and became more concerned with maintaining the integrity of reality in the face of dimensional breaches and changes created by the ongoing conflict between the JFO and their alien foes.

David was presumably "killed" for good when his soul was ejected from The Cheese by the Head Alien.