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First Appearance: Shortpacked! 12 November 2007
Affiliations: Axis of Something

Dawson was just a stand-issue annoying Shortpacked! customer until that fateful day when Ethan Siegal made the gravest mistake of his life: ignoring Dawson's suggestion to move the Fast Action Battlers to the top of the shelf, as opposed to hanging them lower where kids could actually reach them.

Deeply stung by the fact that Shortpacked! didn't spontaneously combust after failing to heed his advice, Dawson eventually fell in with Sydney Yus and the Axis of Something. Vowing to make Ethan pay for his "arrogance" and "hubris", he participated in the Axis's first assault on the store and later helped Sydney kidnap Leslie Bean, ultimately earning him a well-deserved ass-kicking at the hands of Robin DeSanto.