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Dexter & Monkey Master is a popular fictitious cartoon series featured in Dumbing of Age, starring the two principal antagonists of It's Walky: the Head Alien (AKA "Dexter") and Monkey Master. David Walkerton, Ethan Siegal, Dorothy Keener, Leslie Bean, Amber O'Malley, and Joyce Brown are all noted fans of the series, although Dorothy, Walky, and Joyce are by far the most obsessive.

The cartoon was based on a series of older, significantly more violent comic books called The Head Alien.

Episodes Mentioned[]

  • "Time's Short" (Season 3): Dexter has to travel back in time to fight Napoleon for the title of history's greatest pint-sized dictator. Walky's favorite.
  • "Wedding Smashers" (Season 3): Dexter and Monkey Master don wigs when they infiltrate a church to steal fuel for their shrimp-powered doomsday device. Dorothy's favorite.
  • "Alien Nation" (Season 3): The episode Walky recommends as a starting point for first-time viewers. Not the best episode, but a great introduction to the character dynamic.
  • "Taxing Taxonomy" (Season 3): Leslie's favorite episode. Won an Emmy for prop design.
  • Ultra Car crossover (title not mentioned) (Season 4): Monkey Master's brain is merged with that of Ultra Car. Walky did not like it.
  • The puppet episode (title not mentioned) (Season ?): Considered to be one of the good episodes from the season after the original showrunner left, which has been declared non-canon.
  • "Darling Dexter" (Season ?): One of Joyce's favorite episodes.
  • Unnamed episode (Season ?): Monkey Master has to fart every 10 seconds, or he will die.


  • Dana Swensson may have also been a fan, seeing as she owned a Dexter bong.
  • The financial success of Dexter & Monkey Master has allowed creator David Willis to retire to a cliffside mansion with a lawn made of solid gold.
  • Dexter is apparently voiced by Jon Lovitz. Monkey Master is either a Kelsey Grammer soundalike or Kelsey Grammer.
  • At one point, the cartoon's original creator(s) were fired and replaced with a new creative team. The change lasted only a season, but created so many issues that the first episode of the next season saw the entire cast getting mind-wiped - a reference to Dan Harmon's ousting and subsequent return as showrunner of NBC's cult classic sitcom Community.
  • The D&MM tie-in comics are the only things keeping publisher Wiigii! Press afloat.