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"I've made a huge mistake."

The Drama Tag is a mysterious object that is capable of nullifying all drama in its vicinity, personal or otherwise. It's similar in appearance and function to the tags stuck in battery-operated toys when they leave the factory.


After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Pamela Galasso created the Drama Tag and placed it in the store in an effort to avert her own death. In one timeline, she was successful, creating a universe in which Ethan Siegal and Amber O'Malley eventually married. In the main Walkyverse, her efforts failed to stop the inevitable, and she passed away.

The Drama Tag remained unheeded for many years until it was discovered by Robin DeSanto, who was unnerved by the lack of intrigue and tragedy at the store. She pulled it on a whim, triggering the return of Amber's abusive father, Blaine O'Malley.

When Robin attempted to reinsert the Tag, she was approached by Head Alien II, who advised her to get out before the store was destroyed by "emo". Ignoring his advice, she attempted to restore the status quo through wacky hijinks, but her efforts were interrupted by an armed robbery.

In the subsequent confusion, Galasso seized the Tag and burned it in private.