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First Appearance: Shortpacked! 3 March 2010

Drew is a character from Shortpacked! and occasional love interest of Ethan Siegal.

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Ethan and Drew met after Robin DeSanto surreptitiously signed Ethan up for a dating website. A self-proclaimed geek, Drew got on well with Ethan initially, but became increasingly disturbed by his boyfriend's obsessive-compulsive toy collecting hobby.

Ethan made a some effort to curb his toy-buying (or at least reduce the number of tiny plastic voyeurs in his apartment); Drew reciprocated by accompanying Ethan to Bot-Con. However, Ethan began to resent Drew's attempts to "cure" him of his toy addiction, and after a blow-up, Drew suggested that they take a break. The next time they met, Ethan explained to Drew that he needed to find somebody who could accept him for who he was, Wreckers display and all.

The two met up again several years later, by which time Ethan was happily dating Manny. Drew admitted he still carried a torch for Ethan, and told him to stop by if he ever got bored of "Dr. Perfect." Ethan eventually did stop by Drew's apartment some time later, but only to confront him about his behavior.

Sometime later, Drew left California and moved to Bedford, Texas to become a webcartoonist. He was promptly hit by a car.

Then he was hit by another car.