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Dumbing of Age is notable for its highly decompressed and regimented storytelling, with each chapter representing one full day of on-campus life. This timeline is intended to help readers keep track of how much time has elapsed, and what the strip's overall timescale looks like.

You may also be interested in the Dumbing of Age Class Schedule.

Book Chapter Day Weekday
This Campus is a Friggin' Escher Print Move-In Day August 29 Sunday
Uphill From Here August 30 Monday
Men Are From Beck, Women Are From Clark August 31 Tuesday
The Bechdel Test September 1 Wednesday
Media Rumble September 2 Thursday
Yesterday Was Thursday September 3 Friday
I Beg You, Don't Cast Your Body Into The Cragged Shame Pits of the Lustwolves Pajama Jeans September 4 Saturday
Choosing My Religion September 5 Sunday
The First Step Towards Recovery September 6 Monday
Time Keeps on Slippin' September 10 Friday
Saturday's All Right For Slighting September 11 Saturday
Strange Beerfellows September 12 Sunday
Your Stupid Overconfidence is Nostalgic If The Shoe Splits September 13 Monday
Guess Who's Coming To Galasso's September 14 Tuesday
Answers In Hennessy September 15 Wednesday
Just Hangin' Out With My Family September 18 Saturday
Amazi-Girl is Always Prepared for Anything The Only Dope For Me Is You September 19 Sunday
I Was A Teenage Churchmouse September 20 Monday
Up All Night To Get Vengeance September 21 Tuesday
The Whiteboard Dingdong Bandit September 22 Wednesday
Hey, Guess What, I'm a Lesbian! When Somebody Loved Me September 23 Thursday
Three's a Crowd September 24 Friday
The Butterflies Won't Fly Away September 25 Saturday
Walking with Dina September 26 Sunday
The Machinations of My Revenge Will Be Cold, Swift, and Absolutely Ridiculous To Those Who'd Ground Me September 27 Monday
That Perfect Girl October 1 Friday
When God Closes The Door October 2 Saturday
It All Returns October 3 Sunday
Just Put Down the Ukulele Only Then Can the Healing Begin Glower Vacuum October 4 Monday
Everything You've Ever Wanted Floats Above October 5 Tuesday
The Thing I Was Before October 6 Wednesday
The "Do" List October 9 Saturday
Up Here We Can Be Garbage Face the Strange October 10 Sunday
This Is The Way That We Love October 11 Monday
Faz Is Great October 12 Tuesday
Of Mike And Men October 13 Wednesday
Now Let's Go Commit Something Mildly Subversive Which, at Worst, Will Serve as a Humanizing Anecdote and Not as Anything Truly Threatening to the Power Structures at Hand Flying To The Red October 14 Thursday
But the Sun Still Shines October 15 Friday
Sometimes the Sky Was So Far Away October 16 Saturday
Vote for Robin October 17 Sunday
Renounce Magical Thinking and Embrace Empirical Evidence Birthday Pursuit October 18 Monday
To Remind You of My Love October 19 Tuesday
When It Crumbles October 20 Wednesday
Is a Song Forever? October 21 Thursday
I Excised All my Anxieties into Cartoon Characters Who Definitely Don't Have Feelings for Each Other This Bright Millenium January 9 Sunday
Look Straight Ahead January 10 Monday
See You in the Funny Page January 11 Tuesday
Hompk! January 12 Wednesday
As Long As It's Free January 13 Thursday
Book 12 TBA Sister, Christian January 14 Friday
I'll Leave You A Phantom January 15 Saturday
Trial and Sarah January 16 Sunday
Don't Stop Billie-ving TBA TBA