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Duncan is a character in Shortpacked! and a minor character in Dumbing of Age. He's also the closest thing Ethan Siegal has to an 'archnemesis' among the store's maladjusted regulars.


First Appearance: Shortpacked! 23 February 2005

Like many of the store's most annoying customers, Duncan is a dyed-in-the-wool Transformers fan, a fact that frequently leads to him butting heads with fellow Transformers nerd Ethan.

When he isn't busy raging against the ongoing kiddiefication of a franchise aimed at children or griping about toy subscription services, he does occasionally show moments of self-awareness.


  • Duncan also has strong opinions on Batman cartoons and anime.
  • By all accounts, Duncan will die as he lived: bitterly complaining about Transformers convention exclusives. This is somewhat less shocking than the revelation that somebody is actually willing to marry him.
  • Duncan was one of the first recurring Shortpacked customers to be introduced in the strip, although he wasn't officially named until May 2009.

Dumbing of Age[]

Duncan doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 18 June 2012

Duncan is one of the many miscreants busted by Amazi-Girl on her nightly patrols around IU - in this case, for drinking openly on-campus.

In his spare time, he writes angry letters about the "kiddie-fication" of Dexter & Monkey Master.