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Electric Man
First Appearance: It's Walky!: $100 Theatre 19 March 2005

The Electric Man was a being of pure energy created by Monkey Master as a partner in the aftermath of It's Walky!.

Electric Man was intended to be Monkey Master's ally in the coming battle against the Martians, 'light and stealth' in contrast to Monkey Master's 'bulk and strength'. His energy-based body could be reshaped at will, though he did not take advantage of this power until Sal commented on it.

In practice, Electric Man was slow and dim-witted, although potentially very dangerous and impervious to conventional attacks like Abductee super-strength. During a skirmish with Jason Chesterfield's team, he electroshocked Sal and Machete. Although both were apparently unharmed, it is not known whether a non super-powered human would survive such an assault.

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He was at least temporarily defeated when Machete struck him with a piece of Ultra Car's chassis. The same materials that allowed Ultra Car to turn intangible reacted with the electric charge, catastrophically disrupting Electric Man's molecular structure. He has not been seen since.