Like I said, they love the goggles.

The Future Kids are a group of characters in Joyce and Walky!, the offspring of various character pairings in various alternate universes and timelines. Due to their Abductee parentage, the Future Kids have enhanced strength and durability, along with a variety of other powers.

For whatever reason, they're also really fond of googles. Like, "steampunk cosplay" fond.


The Future Kids came to the "prime" Walkyverse trying to rescue Bobby Walkerton - or at least their universe's version of Bobby Walkerton - from Head Alien II. However, HA2 managed to turn the tables on the would-be rescuers, imprisoning them and bending them to his will.

Once brainwashed, the Future Kids became Head Alien II's personal "super-powered army of college-aged dorkuses". HA2 first turned them against Jason Chesterfield's team when they infiltrated his secret base in the ruins of SEMME HQ. Later, they fought against Jason, Joyce Brown, and Walky.

The Future Kids made a final appearance at Joyce and Walky's wedding, where Head Alien II sent his entire army of alternate universe offspring to disrupt the festivities. However, the guest list was thick with ex-SEMME agents and the wedding crashers were ultimately defeated.

Afterwards, Joe helped return the surviving kids to their various home realities.

Named Future KidsEdit

Unnamed Future KidsEdit

  • (Jason/Sal)
  • (Professor Doc/Female Professor Doc Clone)
  • (Joe/Sarah)
  • (Danny/Mary)
  • (Tony/Walkie)
  • (Beef/Billie)
  • (Tony/Linda)
  • (Mike/Alison)
  • (Jason/Marcie)
  • (Dina/Mike)
  • (Sal/Peter Paul)
  • (Ruth/Gender-Swapped Sal)
  • (Howard/Tube Sock)
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