Giant Mutant Frosted Honey Bun


First Appearance: Roomies! 24 April 1998
Height: 18'
Weight: 1400 lbs
Status Deceased

The Giant Mutant Frosted Honey Bun (GMFHB), or "Honey", was the Head Alien's first attempt at a huge, inhuman, super-powered minion. He's not terribly smart, as he's only capable of following simple commands, and the only recognizable word he can vocalize is his own nickname.

He likes to rampage through urban sprawl, a habit that would ultimately be his undoing.


The earliest known record of Honey is a 1998 newspaper report chronicling an attack of an unspecified nature.

Two years later, after the Head Alien arranged to steal Denver's entire supply of Nachitos to lure Walky to him, he unveiled his newest weapon - the Giant Mutant Frosted Honey Bun, and threatened to kill every SEMME agent in his building - including Joyce - if Walky would not join him.

When Walky turned to go and save his friends instead, the Head Alien had the Honey pin him to the wall with frosted spit. Walky was able to free himself with the help of an alien mechsuit, which Honey promptly destroyed.

Sal then arrived, just in time to hear the Head Alien reveal to Walky that she was actually his twin sister. Despite this revelation and the Head Alien's best efforts, Sal had no intention of joining his cause, and destroyed the entire alien base.

In the aftermath, Honey washed up on a beach, and got a job as a lifeguard in an oddly familiar scenario. He would later go on star in American Pie 3: The Pie Strikes Back.

He eventually fought alongside his successor, Monkey Master, and SEMME against the Martian Invasion, and inadvertently (if humiliatingly) saved Jason Chesterfield's life when the Englishman landed in his frosted topping from a great height.



I wasn't calling you a sweet honeybun. Why would I do that.

After the dissolution of SEMME, Honey returned to his career in the entertainment industry. However, in 2009, he ate his agent and went on a rampage in Times Square, only to be brought down by Mike Warner and Amazi-Girl. Jason subsequently showed up with a squad of soldiers to pick up the pieces.

An alternate universe version of Honey was briefly seen battling Squadron 128 in a dimension where the Drama Tag was never pulled.


  • Originally known as the Giant Mutant Hostess Frosted Honey Bun, Honey was first introduced in the second year of pre-Walkyverse comic Sly Sirs.
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