Graham Weaver
First Appearance: Roomies! 29 July 1999
Squadron(s): 42

Graham Weaver is a minor character in the Walkyverse and former member of SEMME's Squadron 42.


Graham was first seen at Botcon 1999 with future squadmates Matt Rosenthal and Jen Ulm trading lame in-jokes with Joe.

He later resurfaced when Squad 42 was dispatched to Florida to pick through the wreckage of Head Alien's base. He successfully recovered the Power Booster Rod but was attacked by a gaggle of Aliens, resulting in one of the saddest melee battles in known history.

Graham suffered an embarrassing but thankfully temporary death when he and his fellow squadmates ended up on the wrong end of Monkey Master's monkey cannons during a mission to the Bermuda Triangle. After being resurrected, he was occasionally seen in the company of fellow SEMME veteran David Willis in Shortpacked!, and was present when Willis proposed to Maggie.


  • Like many incidental characters in It's Walky!, Graham is based on a real-life acquaintance of David Willis.
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