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First Appearance: It's Walky! 29 July 2001
Squadron(s): Squadron 37
Status: Deceased

Hooks is a SEMME agent and a minor character in It's Walky!


Little is known about Hooks's origins, but he was a veteran SEMME agent, serving alongside Alan Rees and Anthony McHenry, Jr. well before the Walkerton brothers were even recruited. This presumably makes him one of the earliest abductees recovered by SEMME.

He also participated in the first mission to the Martian Embassy, possibly as a member of Squad 33, although his actions during that event are still unknown. Sometime after that, he was rotated into Squad 37 to fill the spot left after Zack's death.

Hooks seemed to have a unusual relationship with the Walkerton twins, mocking Walky's lack of maturity, but utterly terrified of Sal. He acquitted himself well in the first battle against the JFO, holding his own against multiple attackers. He was also one of the agents present when Walky beat Mike Warner to a pulp following Dina's death, but was mindwiped shortly before The Cheese was summoned and peremptorily ended the fight.

On his final mission, Hooks and the rest of Squad 37 were out looking for Anti-Head Alien when Hooper turned into a full-blown (although rather chatty) zombie. This may have had something to do with the Martians. In accordance with horror movie cliches, Hooks, being the black comic relief, was the first to be killed.


  • Hooks is, like the rest of Squad 37, based on an actual person, meaning it's unlikely he'll ever appear in the Dumbiverse.
  • Hooks is half-Irish, but still black enough to be killed first.