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It's Pregnancy! is the fifth comic by David Willis set in the Walkyverse, co-written with Maggie Willis, and it ran from mid to late 2015. Set some time after the end of Joyce and Walky! in 2010, the series depicts the pregnancy of Bobby Walkerton by the recently-married Joyce and Walky. While the first strips were posted on the series' Tumblr page in May of 2015, the series wasn't revealed to the public until June 30 of that year. The final strip was uploaded on December 8, 5 days after Maggie Willis gave birth to twins.


  • David Walkerton - AKA "Walky". Husband faced with the challenges of changing his life around fatherhood.
  • Joyce Brown - Wife of Walky faced with the challenges of physically giving birth to a baby.
  • Jason Chesterfield - Former co-worker with Joyce and Walky. Doesn't like kids.
  • Doctor (Dr. Probably?) - This medical professional has the privilege of guiding Joyce and Walky through her birthing.
  • Becky MacIntyre - Joyce's best lady friend.
  • Sal Walters - Walky's twin sister.
  • Jennifer Billingsworth - An old friend of Walky.


  • It's Pregnancy! was tied to the pregnancy of Maggie and David Willis.