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Title screen.

It's Walky!: Resurrection was a video game developed by David Willis and Graham Weaver that would have been set during the final year of It's Walky! and further resolve the death of Dina.

It was never completed. It's still canon.

Why? Because God hates you.


The first level takes place during the JFO's attack on the SEMME Complex.

Set immediately after Walky apologizes to Mike for beating his face in, Resurrection would have begun with Walky being confronted by Joyce in the hall. After digging through files, Joyce discovered a Martian Resurrection Chamber they could use to bring back Dina. However, getting access to it would initially involve sneaking into the abandoned-but-heavily-guarded ruins of B4, an agency that preceded SEMME by several decades. After travelling to B4's headquarters at Area 51, Walky would have to evade guards to discover sensitive material that would help him on his quest.

Joyce delivers information in a cutscene.

Along the way, he'd battle the JFO's Britjas, the Head Alien, and Monkey Master, all while carrying what remained of Dina in a little Dixie cup (charming!), but what little remained of her would ultimately be destroyed.

What a satisfying end to a video game.