Jason Atwood
Jason atwood
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 22 April 2011
Affiliations: Multiplex 10 Cinemas
Jason Atwood is a character from the the webcomic Multiplex, drawn by Gordon McAlpin. He briefly appeared in Shortpacked! when Ken and Malaya went to a local cinema to watch The Phantom Menace in 3D. Impressed by Jason's withering scorn, she proceeded to get busy with him while Ken was off getting popcorn.

The fling turned out to be short-lived once Malaya realized that Jason was the same yammering film nerd her mother tried to set her up with when she was 10. She later changed her mind and went back to the theater, only to find Jason making out with a fellow employee. She then proceeded to slash every tire in the parking lot.


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