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Jason Golieb


First Appearance: It's Walky! 27 June 2000
Squadron(s): 42

Jason "Perc" Golieb is a minor character in It's Walky!, and navigator for SEMME's Squadron 42.


Perc and fellow Squad 42 member Pic, the "Yids of Thunder", were best friends since grade school. However, due to their longevity as cohorts, many interpersonal problems arose, causing much friction in Squad 42. As acting pilot and navigator for the Squad, Pic and Perc spent more time squabbling like an old married Jewish couple over directions than they did focusing on battle strategy.

This probably help led them to their monkey-humped doom at the hands of Monkey Master and his monkey-cannons. When they fell in battle, with their dying breaths, they reached for each others' hands one final time.


  • Like many incidental characters in It's Walky!, Perc is based on a real-life acquaintance of David Willis.