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Jen Ulm


First Appearance: Roomies! 29 July 1999
Squadron(s): 42

Jen Ulm, also known as Jenni and Trix, is a minor character in the Walkyverse and former member of SEMME's Squadron 42.


Jenni was first seen at Botcon 1999 with future squadmates Matt Rosenthal and Graham Weaver trading lame in-jokes with Joe. She later reappeared as a SEMME agent and member of Squad 42, providing occasional mission support to Squadron 128.

Jenni and the rest of Squad 42 met a (ahem) sticky end at the hands (and other parts) of Monkey Master's monkey cannons, but the death apparently didn't take; she was later seen with Graham and fellow SEMME veteran David Willis in Shortpacked!


  • Like many incidental characters in It's Walky!, Jenni is based on a real-life acquaintance of David Willis.