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Ken, AKA "Asian Ethan", is a character in the Shortpacked! portion of the Walkyverse continuity and a minor character in Dumbing of Age. His main distinguishing feature is... wait, who were we talking about again?


First Appearance: Shortpacked! 14 October 2010
Affiliations: Shortpacked!

Ken was originally brought on to replace Jacob after the latter disappeared for several days as a result lapsing back into his sex addiction. He remained on the store's staff even after Jacob returned, although most of his fellow employees struggle to remember him at the best of times.

He lives with Arnold, Angie, and Malaya, and ultimately encouraged Malaya to take a job at the store to help pay rent. Unlike Malaya, he's a hard worker, taking particular pride in his stewardship of the action figure aisle. On his off days, he even sneaks into the store in disguise so he can straighten the pegs.

Like Ethan, Ken is a hardcore Transformers fan, having been introduced to the franchise through Beast Wars. The two of them have gone to Botcon together on several occasions, although Ken seems to be much better at scoring the convention exclusives. He also shares Ethan's somewhat over-the-top dedication to toy-hunting.

Ken originally pined for both Malaya and Lucy, but after Malaya began a relationship with Ultra Car and main romantic rival Jacob left San Francisco for greener pastures, Ken finally got it together and actually asked Lucy out. Since then, they've been taking it slow and bonding over their shared shame love of Disney Eurobeat.


  • One of the strip's running jokes involves the fact that everybody remembers that Ken has the name of a Street Fighter character, but nobody ever remembers which one. So far, he's been referred to as Zangief, Dhalsim, Balrog, El Fuerte, Hugo, Juri, and T. Hawk.
  • Ended up losing his virginity to Conquest.
  • After the release of Frozen, Ken developed a habit of singing "Let It Go" to himself while home alone for hours on end. The NSA was amused.
  • His favorite fandom is apparently Star Wars.

Dumbing of Age[]

Ken doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 18 July 2014
Roommate: Arnold?

Ken is an IU student living in the Beck Wing of Read Hall, and one of several Shortpacked! alums added to the strip's cast in 2014.

Ken and his probably-roommate Arnold were first seen as a witness to Amazi-Girl's interrogation of Mike Warner during the Whiteboard Dingdong Bandit incident.