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Leslie DeSanto (neé Bean) is a character in Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age. As you might have surmised from her name, she's fond of the ladies.


Leslie Bean/Leslie DeSanto
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 8 June 2005
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 lbs
Spouse: Robin DeSanto
Children: Abigail DeSanto (daughter), Gabriella DeSanto (daughter), Tabitha DeSanto (daughter)
Relatives: Roz DeSanto (sister-in-law), Riley DeSanto (sister-in-law)
Affiliations: Shortpacked!

Robin introduced Leslie as her "very own lesbian" in yet another attempt to convince Ethan Siegal of her purported gayness. When asked what she saw in Robin, Leslie replied that she valued Robin's spontaneity, smarts, and general greatness, although Robin seemed to see her as more of a means to an end at the time. Despite Robin's deceitfulness towards her, Leslie affectionately welcomed Robin into her apartment after she alienated her Shortpacked! comrades.

She later quit her old job as a supermarket cashier and joined the Shortpacked! crew. After a "fight" with Robin she decided that just being Robin's friend wasn't enough. Later Robin had a conversation with Ronnie after which she came back and asked Leslie to go out on a date. However, it turns out Leslie had been married to a guy before. Because Robin was afraid of an actual relationship, she wasn't able to reciprocate Leslie's feelings completely until Roz showed up and gave her the confidence to go further in the relationship. Leslie was very pleased. After a contact-high inducing kiss from Robin, Leslie managed to get everyone hired at Shortpacked! again. For her part, Robin was happy she didn't wake up as a senator.

Using Joe's superscience skills, Leslie was recently able to impregnate Robin with her DNA, resulting in three daughters: Abby, Gabby, and Tabby.


Dumbing of Age[]

First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 23 November 2010
Roommates: Becky MacIntyre

Leslie teaches Gender Studies 101 at Indiana University. Her current crop of students includes Dorothy Keener, Roz DeSanto, David Walkerton, Joyce Brown, and Joe Rosenthal.

Leslie's teaching style is informal and fairly easygoing, with emphasis on open discussion and real-world examples. She's also well aware of her class's reputation as an "easy English credit".

Leslie is a particular fan of Congresswoman Robin DeSanto, whom she describes as a "living legend" and an "inspiration to all." Roz is currently trying to get them together, admittedly for her own selfish reasons.

translation:Class, This hot lady is in my classroom right now


  • Despite her admiration of Robin, Leslie voted for the white guy she (Robin) ran against.
  • Her favorite Dexter & Monkey Master episode is "Taxing Taxonomy". It won an Emmy for prop design.
  • Leslie already has an outfit picked out for whenever her next interaction with Robin is.
  • Like her Shortpacked! counterpart, DOA Leslie was also married to a man before she admitted that she was a lesbian [Citation needed]


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