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Maggie Willis
First Appearance: TBD
Spouse: David Willis
Affiliations: SEMME

Maggie Willis (née Maggie Weidner) is the real-life wife of Walkyverse/Dumbiverse overlord David Willis, as well as a recurring character in the Walkyverse.


It's Walky!

Maggie served alongside her future husband as a SEMME agent, and participated in the final battle with the Martians.


After SEMME was shut down, Maggie occasionally accompanied David on his visits to the Shortpacked! store - usually to stop her beau from getting into public slap-fights with his Transformers Wiki nemesis, Ethan Siegal. At one point, she helped David smash Ethan's computer while dressed up as Sexy Hotshot.

David later proposed to Maggie in a pirate-themed extravaganza engineered by the Shortpacked! team. I'm not saying these two things are related, but... yeah, they probably are.

Dumbing of Age


During Amazi-Girl's rescue of Becky MacIntyre from her kidnapping by Ross MacIntyre, a woman looking at lot like Maggie was driving a car behind Ross'. After AG landed on her windshield, cracking it, AG managed to convince Maggie not to slow down after explaining the situation.


  • This person cannot technically be Maggie Weidner/Willis, as her car doesn't have the front license plates befitting an Ohio registered car, making her an Indiana resident.