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Malaya is a character in Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age, beloved by fans for her sparkling personality and people skills.


Malaya Eugenio
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 22 April 2011
Affiliations: Shortpacked!

Malaya joined the Shortpacked! team at the recommendation of her roommate Ken, but only after Arnold reminded her that she'd been unemployed for six months and pissy faces alone wouldn't pay the rent.

Initially, she intended to quit her new job after one day, but changed her mind after meeting Leslie Bean. The two briefly dated after Leslie broke up with Robin, although Malaya eventually discovered that she wasn't really into girls after all. After a brief fling with Jason Atwood, she decided to give up on relationships with humans entirely and turned her sights on Ultra Car instead. So far, this has worked out better than you might expect.

Malaya is openly contemptuous of "nerd" culture, and has a particular dislike for fellow employee Lucy. That dislike only got worse once Malaya's 23rd birthday rolled around, killing her metabolism and causing her to gain several pounds literally overnight.


Dumbing of Age[]

Malaya doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 15 March 2014
Roommate: Lucy (former)

Sal Walkerton

Likes: Roller derby, swearing, rage

Malaya is an IU student who has somehow managed to drift into a sort-of friendship with Sal and Marcie. Marcie has admitted to ulterior motives, however. Malaya doesn't seem to like Sal one bit. She also strongly dislikes her roommate Lucy. Ironically due to her abrasive personality she actually seems to fit in better in the Clark Wing with Sal.

Malaya has stated to be questioning her gender identity.


  • She is on a roller derby team.
  • She was willing to learn American Sign Language in order to better communicate with Marcie.
  • She's not that great at it yet, though.
  • Claims to be incapable of even getting a buzz from a single beer
  • She's Malaya. She does what she wants.