Mandy is a character in It's Walky! and Dumbing of Age.


Mandy Kowalski
Mandy iw
First Appearance: It's Walky! 27 November 2001
Squadron(s): 48 (Cmdr)

Mandy was the commander of Squadron 48, a group known as the sexiest in SEMME, both visually and in practice. She has a tattoo on some part of her anatomy (probably somewhere beyond the normal range of conversation), which is hidden beneath her clothing.


Mandy and her squadron were assigned to train Joe as a SEMME agent shortly after Sal belatedly recruited him, having originally helped him escape the SEMME "draft" after Year Zero. By this point, they had already developed a reputation for, as Jason put it, "keep[ing] the fluids flowing." After Joyce, already unhappy at his assignment, walked in on one of their six-way "training sessions", Mandy threw him out for "being involved with that girl - while frolicking with us". However, she later resumed "training" with him on a one-to-one basis.

Over and above her other... relationships..., she and Grace were apparently in love. When the JFO-mind-controlled Daisy pointed a gun at Grace, Mandy tried to talk her down. This only resulted in Mandy being the one to have her brains blown out instead, and Grace to declare that she would never go along with anything the JFO did. Shortly afterwards, when Grace herself was shot and dying, she crawled to die holding Mandy's hand.

Both Mandy and Grace appeared in "purgatory" after Walky's brief death. It was later suggested that they were both likely candidates to follow him in the Martian Resurrection Chamber, but whether either or both were revived is unknown.

Dumbing of AgeEdit

First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 30 September 2010
Roommate: Grace

Mandy is an IU undergrad living in the Clark Wing of Read Hall.

She's currently in a relationship with her roommate, Grace, although it isn't always smooth sailing for the two of them; at the beginning of the semester, they got into a fierce argument about their roommate agreement. However, thanks to Billie, they eventually kissed and made up again.



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