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First Appearance: Shortpacked! 30 November 2009

Manny is a character from Shortpacked! and Ethan Siegal's boyfriend.


Manny was a good-natured heckler at Ethan's first stand-up show in seven years. The two of them met up after the show, immediately hit it off, and would have gone out for coffee if not for a hi-larious Robin-fueled mix-up involving a Walmart man-whore.

The two later reunited at another stand-up gig, and started dating shortly thereafter. Things eventually got serious enough for the two of them to move in together; Ethan even brought Manny home to his perpetually disappointed parents for one supremely awkward Thanksgiving.

Unlike Drew, Manny is fully supportive of his boyfriend's various hobbies, with occasionally mixed results. He also ultimately convinced Ethan to give up his retail job once his stand-up career started taking off.


  • Previously worked as an optometrist at a Walmart Vision Center.
  • Has had a bit of a thing for Michael Caine since seeing him in the original Italian Job.