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Martha "Cindy" Walters
First Appearance: It's Walky! 30 April 2001
Spouse: John Walters (husband)
Children: Steve Walkerton (birth son), Sal Walters (adopted daughter)

Martha Walters is a minor character in It's Walky!, adoptive mother to Sal Walters and birth mother to Steve "Beef" Walkerton.


Martha's son Steve was switched for Sal Walkerton, daughter of Linda Walkerton, at an early age in an effort to draw attention away from the Walkerton children and their powers. As a result, the Walters ended up having to move from town to town to avoid falling prey to the Head Alien, assisted by SEMME and the Man in Black. To escape detection, Martha even began calling herself "Cindy". However, the constant moving created friction with Sal, who quickly became angry at having to continuously uproot her life. When Head Alien ambushed the Walters and threatened their lives, a bitter Sal told him she didn't care if they died - so Head Alien decided to test that theory in the most direct way possible.

Martha's corpse was later placed in a Martian Resurrection Chamber by the Head Alien, along with her husband's. The Head Alien planned to use the bodies as a bargaining chip to convince Sal to open the Martian Embassy - a plan foiled by the fact that "Sal" was actually her twin brother Walky wearing an improvised wig. In the resulting confrontation, Walky dropped the Resurrection Chambers containing the Walters onto Head Alien's head, killing him - and SEMME leader Anthony McHenry. Worse still, the shock of seeing her "parents" splattered on the floor of the Embassy drove Sal into a catatonic state.

The Walters later received a proper burial, and Sal would visit their graves after recovering from her brief period of destroy-the-world insanity. During one visit, she left the jacket she had inherited from her adoptive mother at the gravesite. This jacket was picked up by Beef and given to the JFO. Penny would eventually use it in order to provoke Sal, much in the style of the Head Alien.


  • Doesn't seem to share her husband's accent.
  • Though it hasn't been confirmed yet, the Walters might exist in the Dumbiverse as Beef's parents.