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McAwesome's Parasailing and Chocolate Bakery is the Mirror Universe Shortpacked! store: a nexus of goodwill whose employees are healthy, happy, and filled with mutual respect for one another. By some freak coincidence, it's located on the same street corner as its more sinister, drama-riddled counterpart.

The McAwesome's team includes a US President brought back from the dead, a perky former SEMME agent, a gay Jewish standup comedian, a tiny Asian guy, and an Irish lass with complicated parent issues.

Oh, and Mike Warner.


Ethan Siegal first encountered McAwesome's while searching for a job that would help him pay for car repairs. Despite the fact that the "now hiring" banner promised employees would be getting laid every night, Ethan decided to put himself in the rather more questionable hands of Galasso. He chose... poorly.

Amber O'Malley later discovered the store while trying to dig up dirt on Mike. What she found exceeded even her wildest dreams: Mike working a second job at McAwesome's, heavily drunk and gentle as a pussycat.

Over time, the ongoing angst and drama at the Shortpacked! store spilled over to its neighbors in the worst possible way. First Evan was accidentally (ahem) clocked into a coma by Ultra Car, then Amber revealed that lovers Zaph and Rose were actually half-siblings spawned by one of the most amoral human beings ever to walk the earth.


  • Aside from parasailing and chocolate baked goods, McAwesome's attractions include fresh lilacs, air guitar, a wave pool, a caramel pool, a trampoline maze, water slides, a rideable robot dinosaur, a booze-n-slide, a "jugs motorboat", a ball pit, and a lesbian pond. Fun for all ages!
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