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First Appearance: Shortpacked! 1 June 2006

Meredith was a minor character in Shortpacked!. An old crush of Nathan, Amber O'Malley's long-term internet boyfriend, she moved in with Nathan and his roommate, Enrique, after she got divorced from her first husband.


When Amber was finally cajoled into travelling to Ohio to meet Nathan face-to-face, she was disturbed to realize that her boyfriend was actually living with another woman. She attempted to stake her claim by kissing him in front of Meredith, but as Mike Warner pointed out, this mainly meant that she was signalling Nathan's sexual availability.

Sure enough, Meredith not only helped Nate work on his make-out skills, but even advised him to grow a terrifying pedostache in an effort to sabotage his relationship with Amber. The plot worked, and after Amber broke up with him (and Nathan shaved that damned moustache off), she had hot, soggy smexings with him.

Mike later obtained, printed up, and framed a picture of Meredith and Nathan going at it as a present for Amber.

Dumbing of Age[]

In DoA, she is among the girls from Read hall to enjoy Joe's donut apology for the existance of his do-list. However, as he doesn't have any gluten free donuts, he offers her a Taco Bell coupon, and suggests she cashes it in at the store near Blowjob Cat.


  • Her birthday is September 17.
  • It's implied that she likes smoking weed and getting high.