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Mrs. Billingsworth is Billie's mother in the Walkyverse and Dumbing of Age continuities. She... gets around.


Mrs. Billingsworth
First Appearance: One Day, Part 2

Like her father, Billie's mother doesn't take a tremendous amount of interest in her daughter, and spends most of her time on the family yacht.

At one point, Mrs. Billingsworth was having an extramarital affair with Ruth and Howard's father. It's suggested that this wasn't the first or last indiscretion on her part.

Dumbing of Age[]

Mrs. Billingsworth hasn't shown up in the strip as of yet, but by all accounts her promiscuity and absentee parenting skills are as strong as ever.


  • Mrs. Billingsworth has never made a "proper" physical appearance in 15 years, and likely never will - David Willis has noted that "there might be too much mystique to deflate."
  • Despite being mentioned on several occasions, her only in-strip appearance to date is in the web-only "One Day" story, originally intended for the short-lived Roomies! comic book.
  • Billie's mother switched ethnicities between continuities, having originally been British in the Walkyverse. In the Dumbiverse, she's Chinese.