Muffy Diver
Muffy Diver
First Appearance: Shortpacked! Febuary 4, 2011
Created by: T Campbell (writer)
John Waltrip (artist)
Powers: Teleportation, super strength
Affiliations: Unnamed comic book store, Parliament of the United Kingdom, unnamed Venusian-fighting force

Muffy Diver is a character from a Shortpacked! guest strip written by T Campbell and drawn by John Waltrip. Muffy bares certain similarities to an employee of the title store.


A British citizen, Muffy has been gifted with the ability to teleport and with super strength. She also is addicted to sugar. After serving in the defense from the Venusian invasion of 2008, Muffy decided to embark upon a job at a comic book store, finding it less stressful. Soon after, she managed to serve in Parliament (whether in the Commons or the Lords is not specified), which she treats merely as a hobby.

Eight months after Leslie and Robin broke up, Leslie and Muffy went on a double date with Ethan and Drew. Ethan and Drew were quick to point out Muffy's similarities with Robin, with Leslie admitting that she has a type, but noting that Drew's similarities with Thad doesn't make him a rebound. After Muffy foiled a drug store thief, she was rewarded with Snickers, and her talk about combining them with Cadbury ice cream caused Leslie to end the date.


  • Muffy has only appeared in one strip.
  • While most of Muffy's character traits emulate Robin, her name hearkens to Leslie.
  • Muffy's name is a Google nightmare.
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