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Naomi Siegal is Ethan Siegal's mother in Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age. Pushy and perhaps just a little unhinged, she's never quite gotten over her son coming out of the closet.


Naomi made a brief appearance when Ethan and Manny spent Thanksgiving with Ethan's parents. She and Manny got along reasonably well, although she admitted to Ethan that at her age, him bringing home anyone - an actual human being, whatever the gender - was a cause for celebration.

Dumbing of Age[]

Naomi Siegal
Naomi doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 2 August 2013
Spouse: Saul Siegal (husband)
Children: Ethan Siegal (son)

Naomi was tremendously disappointed by Ethan's coming out and ultimately blamed Amber O'Malley, claiming Amber was "so terrible at dating my son he started thinking he was a homosexual."

Ethan's parents came to IU for Freshman Family Weekend, where they were surprised to discover that their son was actually dating a real-life girl. Naomi expressed skepticism at first, but after she realized her son was telling the truth, she advised him to "fuck her as soon as you possibly can, over and over and over."

Upon finally meeting Joyce, Naomi's only reaction was "Yeah, you'll be easy."