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First Appearance: Shortpacked! 14 September 2005

Nathan was Amber O'Malley's long-term internet boyfriend in Shortpacked!, also known by his online handle FirstNate.


Though they had been chatting for ten years, Amber did not see Nate in person until 2006, when Robin DeSanto decided enough was enough and flew the two of them out to Iowa to meet him.

While they initially hit it off, things became awkward when Amber learned that Meredith, an old crush of Nathan's, had moved in with him and his roommate, Enrique, after getting a divorce from her first husband. To "mark her territory", Amber kissed Nathan in front of Meredith, officially becoming the first girl to have kissed him.

Upon Amber's next visit, she was dismayed to mind that Nathan had cultivated a non-ironic pedostache, was still living with Meredith, and worst of all, enjoyed Carlos Mencia. She promptly dumped his ass, but Nate was quick to rebound: within a few hours of Amber's indignant departure, he was banging Meredith.

Mike Warner later obtained, printed up, and framed a picture of the two of them having sex as a present for Amber.