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Ninja Rick
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 9 February 2005
Height: 5'8
Weight 145 lbs
Ninja Yes?

Ninja Rick is a veteran member of the Shortpacked! team. He loves ninjas with every part of his body. Especially his pee-pee. His is quite obsessive on the topic of ninjas, and even seems to fancy himself a member of their mysterious ranks. It should be noted that Rick's idea of ninjas is derived more from movies and video games than from historical fact. (This may be due to the fact that he was raised by a Betamax copy of Fist of the North Star.)

He does, however, appear to have a significant amount of skill with the blade, to the point of even being able to deflect bullets fired at him from close range.

Ninja Rick is a bit of an excessive otaku-type who thinks you can make anything Japanese by adding -chan to the end of the word. Too much manga and anime has addled his brain, resulting in some pretty spectacular delusions (see below).


Very little is known about Ninja Rick's past. He is a mysterious character, and the only time he was ever in the spotlight was in the obviously delusional Moaning Sword storyline. This seems to imply that Ninja Rick doesn't see the world as others do--but that can be pretty well determined from his outward actions.

He has used his ninja skills to aid and protect Shortpacked! at least once during his membership there, most notably when he was summoned by Galasso to subdue a robber that was in the process of trying to hold up the store. It is unclear who would have won the battle, as it was interrupted by Robin wearing a makeshift Batman costume. However, it was a very close fight despite the robber having a handgun over Rick's sword.

He also totally killed a guy.

In recent years, Rick seems to have developed a thing for new hire Malaya, which is at least a bit more age-appropriate than his usual relationships.


  • Ninja Rick is based on David Willis's art college cohort, Rich Dombeck.
  • Faz has had sex with him at least once, and possibly as many as three times. As it turns out, Rick's other "sword" cannot be sheathed until it has tasted blood. Ewww...
  • His sword (the one he never puts away, not the aforementioned... uh... euphemism) appears to be an actual blade, seeing as he - again - totally killed a guy with it. 


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