Pamela Galasso is the wife of wannabe supervillain Galasso and a minor character in Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age. She seems to be the brains of the operation.


Pamela Galasso
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 30 June 2009
Affiliations: Shortpacked
Spouse: Galasso (husband)
Children: Conquest (daughter)

Pamela opened the Shortpacked! toy store with her husband in 1982. While the store quickly flourished, Pamela's health began declining; eventually, she discovered she had a terminal illness.

To avert her death, she created the artifact known as the Drama Tag. In the main Walkyverse, the Tag failed to save her, and she passed away. In another continuity, she survived, and continued to manage the toy store alongside her husband until the arrival of Leslie Bean and Ultra Car, who had gone dimension-hopping in a search for Rachel Jackson.

As Leslie discovered, the Drama Tag made it impossible to escape this alternate reality. Moreover, she wasn't the only one who'd gotten trapped: a version of Head Alien II was also stranded in this universe. The stalemate was broken by the arrival of Rachel, who pulled the Tag; in the subsequent battle, Pamela was killed by Head Alien II.

In both continuities, her last words to her husband were "This, Galasso, is your daughter."


  • Her hair color was originally blonde, the same as her daughter's.

Dumbing of AgeEdit

Pamela Galasso
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 4 March 2013
Spouse: Galasso (husband)
Children: Conquest (daughter)
Pamela works with her husband at the infamous Galasso's Pizza (and Subs), and seems to fill in as the restaurant's waitress when her daughter is not available.
Pamela doa

She's not tragically dead in this universe!!

She made a brief appearance during Ethan and Joyce's double date with Dorothy and Walky.

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