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Penelope Worthington, better known as Penny, is a major antagonist in It's Walky!, and a minor character in Dumbing of Age.


Penelope "Penny" Worthington
First Appearance: It's Walky! 16 June 2003
YOB: 1975
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Affiliations: JFO
Status: Deceased

Penny's got more than a healthy dose of hormones, and they're all the bad kind. A brutal sadist that loves to use people and discard them, she knows that her lack of conscience gives her a huge edge over her opponents. She's arrogant, condescending, and extremely dangerous. (Also, totally hot.)

Oh, and she's from an alternate universe and wants to wear this planet's skins as a hat.


Born a few weeks before the JFO left the Dargonverse, she was destined for high ranks in the organization. She was present at the brainwashing of Linda Walkerton and dated Jason Chesterfield, the son of Dargon Chesterfield, during her teenage years. However, when Jason left the organization after being continuously ignored by his father, she replaced him by Dargon's side and became his second-in-command.

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As the commander of JFO's HQ in New York, she headed off Sal and Jason's first attack and then followed them to SEMME HQ. Seeking to mindwipe everyone in sight, she started off with Walky, only to discover that repeated mindwiping had finally made him immune to the procedure. When Joyce summoned The Cheese using the Power Booster Rod, Penny fled knowing she had failed her mission. Returning to JFO's London branch, she killed Dargon and took command of the JFO.

Penny led another attack on SEMME HQ on the night of the Martian invasion, killing SEMME agent Grace after a brainwashed Daisy Conrad shot Mandy. She then headed down to the labs to find Linda Walkerton. After explaining SEMME's true history, she offered the surviving remnants of SEMME a place in the JFO. Jason responded by attacking her. In the ensuing scuffle, Penny and Sal came to blows, giving Jason the opening he needed to shoot Penny in the head and kill her.


  • Like her mentor, Penny briefly wore an eyepatch after being injured in battle during her final attack on SEMME HQ. 

Dumbing of Age[]

Penny doa.jpg
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 3 January 2013

Penny is one of Alan Rees's assistants at Indiana University, and shares an office with fellow TA (and fellow Brit) Jason Chesterfield. At one point, the two of them were boffing knobbing in a sexual relationship, but despite Penny's best efforts, she never quite managed to find a chink in Jason's aloof and dispassionate personality.

She might be a tad bit bitter about it.