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Peter Paul is a minor character in the Walkyverse, where he's associated with fan-favorite holy roller Mary Bradford. He has also appeared in Dumbing of Age.


Peter Paul
Peter jw.png
First Appearance: It's Walky! 3 March 2003
Spouse: Mary Bradford (ex-wife)

A doctor by profession, Peter met Mary after she graduated from college.

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The two seem to have hit it off very well, as Mary soon became pregnant (again), and the two eventually married.


Peter made a brief appearance in It's Walky! when Sal Walkerton enlisted Mary's help in treating Jason Chesterfield for the injuries he'd sustained in his escape from the JFO's New York HQ. After successfully patching his patient up, Peter called the cops on the two of them.


An older, now-divorced Peter later showed up again in Joyce and Walky!, where he was forced at gunpoint to transplant D.J. Wilcox's organs into Sal Walkerton's body to save her from the effects of Head Alien II's death ray. Guy can't seem to catch a break.


  • In some alternate universe, Sal and Peter wound up having a child, who was later abducted and brainwashed by Head Alien II as part of his master plot to destroy Joyce and Walky.

Dumbing of Age[]

Peter Paul
Peterpaul doa.png
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age Patreon Bonus Strip #2, January 2015

A DoA version of Peter Paul first appeared as a background character in the second Patreon-only bonus strip for January 2015, and again in the first panel of the strip "Pokeman". Peter Paul is currently Mary's similarly-judgemental boyfriend. [1]