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First appearance: Roomies!,
page 1 of College Ho!

The R.A. is a Resident Assistant in Read Hall during Danny and Joe's first two years at Indiana University. He is super into Star Trek.


The R.A. (although he may not have been one at the time) gave a campus tour to prospective Indiana University students and their parents (including Dannys and Joes) some time before the Fall Semester, 1997. He threatened to murder any child that left the tour group.

On the first day of classes he barged into Danny and Joe's room to list to them the rules of living in his dorm (which include "No making fun of Star Trek"). He was promptly mocked by Joe.

He was Danny and Joe's R.A. again their sophomore year, and quickly bonded with Howard over their shared love of Star Trek. They apparently went to go see Star Wars Episode I together.